Who We Are

We are a Reformed Church

Our heritage traces back to the practice and teaching of the churches of the Sixteenth Century Protestant Reformation. We are a member of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. “Ortho” comes from the Greek language and means “straight.” “Dox” is also a Greek term and means “thinking.” So in the same way that you go to an orthodontist to get straight teeth, you go to an Orthodox Presbyterian Church to get straight teaching! 

We are a Presbyterian Church

“Presbyterian” is derived from another Greek word, “Presbuteros,” meaning elder. GRPC is governed by a Session of Elders, whose primary task is to care for the spiritual well-being of her members. We are also a member of the OPC Presbytery of the Midwest.

To give you a better picture of what our worship services look like, here is a sample order of worship for our morning and evening services.